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Deck Oven – Electrically Operated

These Ovens are manufactured out of Black MS Sheet. Insulation is done all around to reduce loss of heat. Inside chamber is a place where product to be baked is placed and it has heating elements uniformly placed to heat the chamber at the same temperature at all the ends. Product to be baked is kept in trays made of Galvanized iron or in moulds made of special alloys. Thermostat is provided to control the temperature upper & lower heaters are independently operated depending upon the baking requirement of product. 6 mm to 12 mm thick plate is provided at the bottom for uniform heating and a partition is provided, so that more biscuit trays can be kept in the chamber.

Decks can be kept one above the other or sidewise on the ground, depending upon space available. All the decks are independent to operate. Maximum 3 Decks are placed one above the other. With 3 Decks one above other the Oven height is app. 6′, which is maximum, operator can operate efficiently.


Inside Chamber Size     –     42″ X 30″ X 11″
Inside Chamber Size     –     54″ X 34″ X 11″
Any Size as per Customers requirement.

We normally do not weld the different decks with each other, as it becomes very heavy for transportation, loading & unloading.

Power Requirement :- Minimum 10 KW

(Total Can be Calculated. Depending upon size & No. of Decks)

Space Requirement / Deck:

6′ X 3′ X 2′ Height        (Size 42″ X 30″)
7′ X 3 ½’ X 2′ Height        (Size 54″ X 34″)

Stainless Steel is fixed on the front side so that it should look clean while operating Red, Yellow & Green lights are provided to indicate power supply at different points.

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