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Double Seaming Machine 1 Ads

Double Seaming Machine

1 Ads Mounted on solid Steel stand. Capacity approx 600 cans per hours. Equipped with 1 HP, 3 Phase, 440 Volts Motor and Starter (Cost of Seaming Chucks & Rollers will be extra).

Seaming Chucks : 301
Seaming Chucks : 401
Seaming Chucks : 603
Seaming Rollers 1st & 2nd Operation

For hermetically sealing the can for preservation of food without adding any preservative this machine is used. For a small unit of food canning this is the most important machine and the whole economy of a unit depends upon accurate & efficient working of this machine. This is supplied along with chucks of different sizes for sealing different sizes of cans.

1. Size 301 (No. 1 Tall) (450 gm.)
2. Size 401 (A 2½ ) (850 gms)
3. Size 603 (A 10) (3.1 Kg.)
4. Any Other Size lower than these sizes

Capacity : – 600 Cans / Hour

Power Requirement : – 0.75 KW (1 H.P)

After filling the Cans with Fruit / Vegetable and Syrup / Brine the can is passed thro’ Exhaust Box and this machine is placed at the end of exhaust Box. Cans are manually lifted from Exhaust Box and sealed with the help of ends kept near the machine. Minimum time is wasted between exhausting and sealing of cans to have proper preservation.

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