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Flange Rectifier

Flange Rectifier

Whenever OTS Cans are supplied by Can manufacturer, it is required to form flanges on the ends for holding & Sealing the lid on it. The accuracy of Flange is necessary to avoid any leakage, which is primary requirement for preservation of food inside. Depending upon the size of Cans, Flangers are fitted with the chucks before operation and with one stroke manually flanges are formed on each end, with the help of seamers these flanges are bent to hold the lid in perfect manner.

All flange rectifiers are made of mild steel, with screw press for easy operation and chucks are made of high carbon steel to avoid any wear & tear during operation. It is a small manual machine but its accuracy of working affects the total Canning Operation and preservation of foods. It does not have any motor and operation is totally manual.

Speed 10 – 15 cans/min

Avilable Model

Flange Rectifier 301 DIA CAN
Flange Rectifier 401 DIA CAN
Flange Rectifier 603 DIA CAN

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