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Fruit Mill / Crusher

The fruit mill is utilized to crush any fruit & vegetable, before putting the same into Pulper or hydraulic press to extract juice. This ensures more recovery of juice and less load on machine extracting juice. This also saves time comparing to extracting juice out of fruit & vegetable when directly fed into Pulper or hydraulic press or any other equipment to extract juice. The machine is also used to break fruit / vegetable which is hard, into small pieces, particularly to manufacturer pickles to be packed in small pouches.

Machine has all contact parts made of stainless steel and is equipped with standard motor, with a hopper on the top to feed the raw material. Finished goods are collected in container below.


2000 Kg. / Hour with 3 HP Motor
500 Kg. / Hour with 1 HP Motor
For a juice factory to be most economical this machine is important and essential.

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