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LUG Capping Machine

LUG Capping Machine Hand Operated Table Model

To Cap Jam Jars this machine is used and is suitable for different sizes of Lug Caps. Operation is simple, bottles are placed on plateform to be pressed and cap rotated in single operation. As lugs of bottle and cap get attached, it give perfect sealing on the bottle. If material inside the bottle is hot, it creates some level of vacuum to preserve the food inside. Some time Caps are punctured to open to break the vacuum while opening. Sizes of cops available are suitable for 200 gm. Jam Jar, 400 gm. Jam Jars and wide mouth Jars for cream etc. all the jars can be sealed on the same machine.

The Machine is used for capping Jars from 20 mm to 60 mm having lugs on the bottom side of the lid. These lugs hold the jar and wad / washer on the lid gets tightened on the edge of bottle to completely seal the same. This is used to pack Jam, Pickle, mayonese or any such items in glass Jars.
It is a simple Hand Operated Machine. No Power is required during its operation. Depending upon the quality of Jars and lids, it gives perfect sealing on packed goods.

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