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Meat Cutting Machine for Retail Counter

  • Meat Cutting Machine-for Retail Counters

It is similar to chicken dressing machine, but it has 1 HP Motor as compared to ½ HP Motor in chicken dressing machine. The saw used is different in design to cut harder bones of mutton / pork. The machine can also be used for fish cleaning and cutting.

The size of both the above machine is app. 60 cm X 60 cm X 80 cm and are made of stainless steel, can be installed on the table in retail counter for easy operation.

Motor used is single phase and is fully covered with S.S cover to avoid any untoward accident. Hygienic in working, machine can be used in retail counters to avoid cutting on chopping board with choppers.

Arrangement for plastic packing / cup packing for cut portions can be made, to give esthatic look to the product for marketing. Deep freezers can be installed along with for storage of finished products.

For bigger production, Band Saws fitted on food grade stainless steel can also be provided against firm order. With this machine larger portions of animals can be cut in to small portion for these retail counters.

All the material used in manufacturing of these machines is rust proof, food grade, long lasting, stain free. Machines are easy to install and run by single phase power and are suitable for retail shops, in fact these may be used to replace the existing meat cutting system in road side stalls, where all operations are manually and in uncovered condition.

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