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Reforming Unit

It consists of a rotary flat body reformers and hand flanger and is supplied with flanging dies & mandrels for different sizes of cans i.e for size 301, 401 & 603 or any other size.

This machine is used for reforming the body of cans, which is supplied in flat form for easy transportation by the manufacturer of cans. This also reduces the cost of transportation of cans. After reforming, edges are formed on the flangers, which are used for holding the lids on the can while sealing the can. It is very precise machine as the total quality of product depends upon proper sealing of cans and sealing depends upon reforming and fool proof edge formation.

Capacity :- 600 to 800 Cans / Hour

Power Required :- 0.750 KW/ 1 HP

As the cansare light in weight and cover more space, normally this machine installed on the 1st floor hall of the production shop. After reforming cans are rolled down by making special passage in the form of a slope.

Along with this machine hand flangers are installed to make edges and a small seamer installed to seam one end of can. Other end of the can is seamed in the production hall after product is filled in cans.

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