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Tomato Pulper Machine

It is a machine used for preparation of fruit / vegetable for preservation by canning, Bottling or by any other way. The pulper separates seed & peel from the edible part of the fruit or vegetable. As in the case of mango, pulp is separated and seed & peel are removed in one operation.

Capacity of Tomato: –
A)      10 MT / Hour Motor Rating 10 H.P
B)      5 MT / Hour Motor Rating 7.5 H.P
C)      1.5 MT / Hour Motor Rating 3.0 H.P
D)      0.5 MT / Hour Motor Rating 1.0 H.P
E)      80 Kg. / Hour Motor Rating 0.5 H.P

We also have a special twin pulper for mangoes which is combination of two pulpers. In one pulper coarse pulp is extracted and after passing thro’ second pulper, fine pulp is prepared for convertion into juice etc. motor used in this is 15 H.P and capacity is app. 10 Tonnes / hour.
All these pulpers have contact parts made of stainless steel, standards motor and nylon brushes. It is a very sturdy machine with long life.

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