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Model “A” with ¼ HP Motor 200 Kg. / 8 Hour
Model “B” with 1 HP Motor 500 Kg. / 8 Hour

Cutters Available for:-

  • Slicing from 2 mm to 14 mm.
  • Cubing 4 mm To 14 mm.
  • Long Sticks 4 mm to 8 mm thick.
  • Designer Slicing 2 mm to 6 mm for Pickling.
  • Can be Provided as per Buyers Requirement.

Other Uses :-

Any hard fruit & Vegetable like Onion, Potato, Raw Papaya, Apple, Pears, Carrot and Pumpkin can be cut into different shapes as per requirement of Industries, Restaurants and Sweets Shops.

Special Features :-

Can Slice any Hard Vegetable with Fibres or without Fibres in any required Shape.

Special Note:- Bigger Capacity Machines with 2 HP, 5 HP Motor can be designed and supplied on request.

Gee Gee Food and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. has manufactured with the brilliant Turmeric-Ginger Slicing Machine that can cut any hard fruit and vegetables like onion, potato, Raw papaya, apple, pear, carrot, and pumpkin in different shapes to fulfill the requirement of the food industry. The Industries, Restaurants, and Sweets Shops can serve a variety of delicacies to fulfill the demands of their customers. Mend any fiber/Non-fiber fruit or vegetable in any form with our ginger slicing machine.

The high-tech turmeric slicing machine comes with two models. The first one is Model “A” with ¼ HP Motor and a capacity of 200 Kg. / 8 Hour. The Second one is Model “B” with 1 HP Motor and a capacity of 500 Kg. / 8 Hour. Both these models can very well serve the demands of the people dealing in the food business. You can choose any of these depending upon the usage and the requirement of food slicing.

Along with offering the two models in the category, the machine also provides a wide range of cutters that slice the fruits and vegetables into varied shapes and sizes. The cutters can slice from 2 mm to 14 mm, cube from 4 mm to 14 mm, long sticks from 4 mm to 8 mm thick, and even perform designer Slicing from 2 mm to 6 mm for pickling. You can select from any of these cutters or all of them that goes brilliantly well as per your need.

Being serving the food industry since 1984, Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd can even design and supply the 5 HP or 2HP ginger-turmeric slicing machine to the clients who look for bigger capacity to slice the food and vegetables in huge quantities. Be assured of the splendid performance of this excellently engineered equipment.

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