Constantly evolving consumer tastes and preferences often becomes a direction for food industry giants seeking to feed their hunger for growth. Gee Gee Foods and packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. is also envisioned to bring the best of food to its clients. From Bakery, food processing machines, RO Plants, to Meat processing machines, we have got the needs of every client covered dealing in the food industry. It’s our drive that enabled us to complete the nationally recognized food plants across India.

The focus is not just laid on high-quality food manufacturing equipment but also on delivering world-class food with top-notch packaging by following the industry standards. Keeping the emerging food trends in consideration, we have further diversified our operations into Processed food Plants, bamboo shoots processing plants, ice factories, cold storage, cold rooms, Oil extraction plants, bakery plants, Packaging units, Processed foods, ginger/turmeric processing plants. These categories are well researched and formulated. They can effortlessly offset the rising demand of consumers and food manufacturers. R.K Chawla, the managing director of the Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. is successfully managing two companies in processed foods, Machinery, and allied items. He has been serving the food industry for decades and understands the know-how of it. It’s his vision that has given rise to Gee Gee Foods. The company is empowered to serve what is termed “promising” in the market. The food industry has huge potential to grow in the coming years. This significant rise will create the demand for top-notch food equipment, plants, storage, and packaged foods. We are just sustaining this desired demand with our constant actions.

Be assured of the quality of each operation delivered to you. We guarantee you the finest of the food industry with our engineered excellence since 1984. We guarantee you the finest of the food industry with our engineered excellence since 1984.

The food processing industry accounts for only 10 percent of the total agricultural production in the northeast states like Sikkim and Meghalaya. Setting up the Food processing units will not only serve the people with quality food products and world-class food manufacturing equipment but also create avenues for them. The expectations are quite high from the food processing industry. Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. satisfactorily matches it with its quality food products and food processing and packaging machines for the manufacturers.


Delivering the industry demanded food manufacturing equipment requires innovation at every step. Our team of highly experienced professionals are experts who are well versed with the latest technological advancements and the know-how of the food industry. There are a lot of opportunities for the food processing sectors in the North-East states like Sikkim and Meghalaya as they empower the companies that believe in ethical food production. Gee Gee foods are driven to meet these expectations with its right value proposition. We will continue to grow and be successful despite a challenging or stressed business environment by identifying and recognizing opportunities in the Food Sector in northeast states. Our innovative actions have the capability to handle breakthrough changes.

Our range of products mainly includes Food Processing and Packaging equipment that is running in the North-East states of India. We have been serving our clients for a period of over 3 decades. It’s our drive to deliver the best and passion towards the food industry that helped us to achieve success in this long journey. We’ll continue to do so in the future as well to grow our footprints all over India. The fields are diverse in the food industry. To efficiently serve our clients scattered in different food processing categories, we have bifurcated our services according to their field of operation.

With such massive development in the food industry, it’s important to encourage the sectors that are serving the best to meet the rising expectations. Gee Gee Food and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. does the same by offering its finest food machinery and packaged foods. It enables the food manufacturers to give the best to their customers. In packaged foods, the range goes from basic foods and vegetables to finished products like Canned Bamboo Shoots, Canned Pineapple Products, Bottle Drinks and Squashes, Pickles and Murrabas, Powdered Spices, Tea, Bamboo Shoots Water, Packaged Drinking Water, Oils from Seeds, and Drinking-Water Plant. Coming to Food manufacturing equipment, there are diverse categories which include bakery machines, food processing machines, RO Plants, and Meat Processing Machines that can easily offset the emerging demands of the food industry.

Our motive is not to offer technologically advanced machinery and packaging materials but also to ensure the after-sales service and impart technological knowledge. It ensures that our clients face no difficulties while operating our food manufacturing equipment. Be assured about our quality services and the performance of our high-class machinery. Anything you expect in the food processing industry, we will bring it for you!

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