Bakery Machine Manufacturers In Nagaland

Dough Kneader Machine

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This machine as above is for preparing dough for Bread making. This dough needs a hard beating for getting a smooth final product. In this, we have a beater which runs with motor and a drum which moves slowly on its axis with dual opposite movement the maida is beaten, which can further be used for preparation of Bread, Bun, Rusk, Chapati, Punjabi Kulch or any such item which does not require much oil, milk, sugar etc.

Dough Kneader Machine

Gee Gee Foods offered with dough kneader machine that are created to excellence and also are untrue using best qualities of resources. These dough kneader machine can prepare soft dough with wanted components in a hygienic way. Gee Gee Foods are mainly know as dough maker, dough…

Bread Slicer For Bakery

cake mixer manufacturer

Bread Slicer Machine Manufacturer

The machine is used for slicing the loafs of Bread, Rusk or for any specific requirement for Buns, Cakes etc. It is normal speed machine and does not heat the product much to avoid change of color or taste in the product.

Machines suitable for cutting Bread to prepare different size of slices are available , but one machine is suitable for one size of slice only. Available cutting thickness are 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 m and 20 mm.

In normal machine bread size up to 4" X 4" X 12" can be cut, but in the machine for jumbo bread, Bread Size up to 6" X 6" X 16" can be cut into slice.

Bread Slicers/Cutter Machine Features

  • Precision engineering design…

Commercial Sugar Grinder

cake mixer manufacturer

Product Specifications:

Brand Kalsi Engineering Works
Power Source Electric
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 110 V/ 220 V AC
Power 0.75 KW


Deck Oven – Electrically Operated

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These Ovens are manufactured out of Black MS Sheet. Insulation is done all around to reduce loss of heat. Inside chamber is a place where product to be baked is placed and it has heating elements uniformly placed to heat the chamber at the same temperature at all the ends. Product to be baked is kept in trays made of Galvanized iron or in moulds made of special alloys. Thermostat is provided to control the temperature upper & lower heaters are independently operated depending upon the baking requirement of product. 6 mm to 12 mm thick plate is provided at the bottom for uniform heating and a partition is provided, so that more biscuit trays can be kept in the chamber.

Decks can be kept one above the other or…

Deck Oven – Gas Operated

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All specification of this oven are same as that of Electrically Operated Ovens. Chamber Size Normally available are 54" X 34" & 42" X 30", Only exception is that instead of heating elements the oven is heated with Gas burners placed at Top & Bottom.

In 54" X 34" chamber size Oven, One commercial LPG Cylinders is consumed in 12 hour operation. For trouble free operation 4 cylinders are joined by T Joints for feeding the Gas and 4 are kept in stores. This ensures the continuous operation of oven.

Heat is equally distributed and can be controlled by movement of knobs to left & right. Temperature in the chamber is indicated on the thermometer placed in front of oven.

We need to clean burners every 3 months for efficient…

Rotary Diesel Oven

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This is an oven in which chamber is heated by air circulation around. Air is heated by specially made very efficient diesel burners. The fuel used for heating is Diesel as against Electricity / Gas in normal Deck Ovens.

In the chamber product is placed on trolleys fitted with rotational arrangement by an electric motor.

The advantage of this oven is that product as is being continuously rotating, gets uniformly heated from all the sides. The quality of product is much superior and cost of running is also less compared to other ovens. A see through toghenced geass is provided on the door to inspect the product during operation.

It is a trouble free very efficient machine very useful for the area where there is a problem to get 3…

Tray Dryer Machine

cake mixer manufacturer

Product Specifications:

Capacity 6 tray
Heating Media Electric
Number Of Tray 6
Max Temperature 300
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Design Standard
Minimum Order Quantity 1


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    Bakery Equipment in Nagaland

    The name Gee Gee Food & Packaging Co Pvt Ltd has long been linked with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation in the bakery equipment in Nagaland sector when it comes to baking technology. A wide range of high-quality bakery items can be made using our finest Bakery Equipment. As a result of our ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal, we have become the leading bakery machine manufacturer in Nagaland. Our team of dedicated workers ensures the company’s best growth in the coming times. We aim to serve you with the best efforts and help you escalate your bakery business.

    Industrial bakeries have grown from artisan bakeries. Companies can use sheeting machines, components, or entire lines, which doesn’t matter. All of our solutions are efficient and highly advanced. The innovative engineering and unorthodox solutions set us apart from the market competition. We offer high-quality machines, expertise, and a culture that values its employees to contribute to its success. We are a forward-looking corporation with a high priority on research and development. Being one of the top Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers, we always aim to offer cost-effective solutions and top products.

    Different Types Of Commercial Equipment

    Before opening a bakery shop, you will need to consider several things that will eventually impact the business. A bakery business is much different from your hobby of baking at home. As a professional venture, you will need to provide bakery items at a commercial quantity for every customer that enters through the door. You will need a few bakery instruments for the business, and Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers have a reputation for manufacturing and delivering the goods with utmost care. Among the different types of baking equipment, here are a few notable ones you will require while setting up the store kitchen.

    Commercial Deck Oven

    Commercial deck ovens are large in stature and can bake multiple items simultaneously. These deck ovens are electrically operated. The multiple oven chambers are large enough to support a large quantity of baking.

    Cake Mixer

    The Bakery Machine manufacturers in Nagaland can also provide you with professional cake mixers, otherwise known as planetary mixers. These mixers come with a multiple-speed setup. Different speeds are used for different purposes. There are also different mixer sizes from which you will have to choose according to your requirement.

    Dough Kneedler

    The dough kneader machine is designed to make dough preparation much smoother. As a baker, you would know how important it is to knead the dough to a smoother texture. These machines are much in demand for bakery stores that produce bread, bun, pao, and other similar items.

    Sugar Grinder

    As you can tell by the name, sugar grinders are for grinding sugar. Ground sugar is used in most bakery products. Whether baking cakes or something else, ground sugar is used to not leave any sugar chunks in the mix and the texture of the platter. Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers will help you choose the right sugar grinder required for the store.

    Bread Slicer

    If the bakery shop produces bread or loaf, it must have a few options, like sliced ones. When you have a retail bakery store, you will need to meet each customer’s requirements. A bread slicer is a professional machine that can slice loaves in a commercial quantity.

    Gas Oven

    Bakery Machine manufacturers in Nagaland also have commercial gas ovens. Unlike the electric oven, it requires fuel to heat the machine.

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      Planetary Mixer for Bakery

      Planetary Mixer for Bakery

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      Bread Slicer For Bakery

      Bread Slicer For Bakery

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      Domestic Oven – Oven for Bakery

      Domestic Oven – Oven for Bakery

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      Commercial Sugar Grinder

      Commercial Sugar Grinder

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