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cake mixer manufacturer in nagaland
Cake Mixer Cake Mixer Machine cake mixer manufacturer


Maida Capacity kg. Bucket Capacity Litres
10 Kgs. 27 Ltrs.
15 Kgs. 40 Ltrs.
25 Kgs. 70 Ltrs.

Also called as Planetary mixer. It has 3 attachments, with the help of gears system we can run the machine in 3 speeds. Slowest speed is used for dough kneading, L shaped attachment is provided along with machine for the purpose and can be easily changed by stopping the machine.

Medium speed is used for mixing of dough with sugar, milk or any other ingredients for making cake, pastries, etc.

Highest speed is used along with beating attachment, this is used for egg or cream beating.

We have 3 sizes of cake mixers having capacity as above.

We also have ice-cream mixer / egg beater running on belt system with 2 variable speeds and without any gear. This machine is very useful for those who need separate machine for egg beating / cream beating. This machine is almost half the price of 3 speed mixer.

Operation Time :

All the above machines are capable of completing the operation in 25 minutes. It may be dough kneading, cake mixing or beating.

Special Features :

All the machines have contact parts made of food grade stainless steel and motors used are standard motors for optimum working.

Warranty :

All machines carry a warranty for 1 year against any manufacturing defects.


dough kneader in nagaland
dough kneader machine dough kneader manufacturer



It is a special machine for making smooth dough for making bread etc. This machine is used for kneading the dough to smoothness and it totally different from the cake mixer. Those having more demand for bread, bun, rusk, pao, etc. can use this machine.

FOR ALL THE ABOVE MENTION , Bucket capacity is designed so that dough while being kneaded does not spill out. The machine is run by the standard motor , all the contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel. we design our own guardrive and other components for smooth running of machine.

The machine gives you a very smooth dough for high quality of bread or rustle matching and is very suitable for medium size of balurics. It has a warranty of one year against any manufacturing defect.


bread slicer in nagaland
bread slicer machine


It is a machine which cuts the loaf of bread in slices. For cutting bread into different thickens of slices you need to have different machines.

Available Thickness Sizes : -10 Mm
-12 Mm
-14 Mm
-20 Mm
1. Table Model
2. Pedestal Model:
Pedestal model for normal slicing
Pedestal model for sandwich bread slicing
Rusk and Bread slicing

All the machines are equipped with high carbon steel blades for smooth cutting . It has a standard motor with capacity to run continuously for 8 hours . If required we can cut cakes in different shapes , rusk in different sizes on these machines.


sugar grinder in nagaland
sugar grinder machine


We use ground sugar in all bakery products, to give smooth taste to the tongue. Sugar after grinding dissolves in the dough easily. To give better taste to the finished product, freshly ground sugar is required to be used.

We have 3 sizes of Sugar Grinders:

: 10 Kg / Hr.
: 40 Kg / Hr.
: 100 Kg / Hr.

All the above models are equipped with standard motors. All have contact parts made of food grade stainless steel. MESH SIZE OF PRODUCT CAN BE CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT. DIFFERENT SIZES OF MESH are provided along with machine. The same machine can be used for grinding different spices if there is a need for it may need proper cleaning after use.
Model with the capacity of 40 Kg/Hr is mostly used in BAKERIES.


deck oven in nagaland
deck oven machine


In almost all the small scale and medium scale bakeries, the most popular oven is a Deck Oven .

We have 2 options in Deck Oven:

1. ELECTRIALLY operated oven
2. GAS operated oven

Most popular sizes are –

  • Inside chamber size 42” × 30”
  • Inside chamber size 54” × 34”

It has a body made of mild steel sheets . The inside chamber is having a height of 12”(300 mm ) and a partition is provided so that while baking biscuits we may be able to place double the trays . While baking bread , only one row of bread moulds is placed for baking . To reduce handling bread moulds are made in sets of 3, by placing alongside and welding . It takes approximately 30 minutes for 1 charge to be ready .

A ) Electrically Operated Deck Oven

It has temperature control by thermostat and temperature can vary between 0 to 300°c .

The temperature can be controlled by the knob of thermostat. All the heaters are controlled by contractors and in case of very high or low voltage reaching heaters, contractors can serve the same for on getting damaged. There is a transparent glass provided on the opening gate so that the condition of materials inside can be checked without opening the same. Total load in an oven is 10 to 12 KWA and oven is run on 3 phase 440 v supply. Body is insulated by providing puff material between inside or outside MS sheets wheel or stand as per customer requirement. Front of the oven is covered with stainless steel sheet so that it can be cleaned easily after use.

B ) Gas Operated Oven


All the Features of this oven is same as that of electrically operated oven except that fuel used to heat the oven is gas and instead of electric heaters gas burners are provided. Temperature is controlled by regulating the supply of gas.

Shape, material and construction is same as that of electric oven. In both the cases we can keep 3 decks independently controlled one above the other or on sides as convenient to customer.

We can bake 3 separate items in 3 ovens by controlling the temperature of each oven. Custom built oven of the size required by customers can be provided.

Gas operated Oven

gas operated oven in nagaland
gas operated oven


All the Features of this oven is same as that of electrically operated oven except that fuel used to heat the oven is gas and instead of electric heaters gas burners are provided. Temperature is controlled by regulating the supply of gas.
Shape, material and construction is same as that of electric oven. In both the cases we can keep 3 decks independently controlled one above the other or on sides as convenient to customer.

We can bake 3 separate items in 3 ovens by controlling the temperature of each oven. Custom built oven of the size required by customers can be provided.

Rotary Diesel oven

rotary diesel oven in nagaland
rotary diesel oven


These ovens have chambers heated by gas burners uniformly from all the sides. Inside the chamber a trolley with baking material put in the moulds is rotated by the motor.

The motor is located in the bottom of the oven. By rotating the trolley in slow speed, the total baking material is heated uniformly from all the sides. The temperature in the oven is controlled by flow of diesel and motor speed is also controlled.

In this oven, efforts of the baker are much reduced in comparison to the deck oven and quality is fully assured.

We have 4 sizes of oven, made of stainless steel, efficient burners are used to reduce the cost of diesel power supply for running the motor.

Sizes available are –
60 breads of 400gms per charge
140 breads of 400gms per charge
216 breads of 400gms per charge
600 breads of 400gms per charge

We can bake any item like biscuit, cake, bread, patties etc. in these ovens very efficiently assuring equal heating on all the sides giving a uniform pleasing color to the products. These ovens although costlier than deck oven are clean, efficient, bake better quality products and need less space. Hence, these are gaining more popularity now.


drying oven in nagaland
drying oven


Fitted with thermostatic controlled, it has a maximum temperature as 110°c. It is equipped with dry air inlet and wet air outlet. It is complete with food grade trays and MS trolleys.

Sizes Available :
6 Trays of 16”×32”
12 Trays of 16”×32”
24 Trays of 16”×32”
48 Trays of 16”×32”

Options :

a) Body made of mild steel and all contact parts made of stainless steel.
b) Complete oven / dryer made of stainless steel.

Suitable For :

  • Spices
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ginger + Turmeric
  • Whole or Powder

Options In Trays

  • Plain Solid
  • Perforated

Extra available trolley trays.

Note : Size of tray / dryer can be modified to suit the space available.

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Bakery Equipment in Nagaland

The name Gee Gee Food & Packaging Co Pvt Ltd has long been linked with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation in the bakery equipment in Nagaland sector when it comes to baking technology. A wide range of high-quality bakery items can be made using our finest Bakery Equipment. As a result of our ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal, we have become the leading bakery machine manufacturer in Nagaland. Our team of dedicated workers ensures the company’s best growth in the coming times. We aim to serve you with the best efforts and help you escalate your bakery business.

Industrial bakeries have grown from artisan bakeries. Companies can use sheeting machines, components, or entire lines, which doesn’t matter. All of our solutions are efficient and highly advanced. The innovative engineering and unorthodox solutions set us apart from the market competition. We offer high-quality machines, expertise, and a culture that values its employees to contribute to its success. We are a forward-looking corporation with a high priority on research and development. Being one of the top Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers, we always aim to offer cost-effective solutions and top products.

Different Types Of Commercial Equipment

Before opening a bakery shop, you will need to consider several things that will eventually impact the business. A bakery business is much different from your hobby of baking at home. As a professional venture, you will need to provide bakery items at a commercial quantity for every customer that enters through the door. You will need a few bakery instruments for the business, and Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers have a reputation for manufacturing and delivering the goods with utmost care. Among the different types of baking equipment, here are a few notable ones you will require while setting up the store kitchen.

Commercial Deck Oven

Commercial deck ovens are large in stature and can bake multiple items simultaneously. These deck ovens are electrically operated. The multiple oven chambers are large enough to support a large quantity of baking.

Cake Mixer

The Bakery Machine manufacturers in Nagaland can also provide you with professional cake mixers, otherwise known as planetary mixers. These mixers come with a multiple-speed setup. Different speeds are used for different purposes. There are also different mixer sizes from which you will have to choose according to your requirement.

Dough Kneedler

The dough kneader machine is designed to make dough preparation much smoother. As a baker, you would know how important it is to knead the dough to a smoother texture. These machines are much in demand for bakery stores that produce bread, bun, pao, and other similar items.

Sugar Grinder

As you can tell by the name, sugar grinders are for grinding sugar. Ground sugar is used in most bakery products. Whether baking cakes or something else, ground sugar is used to not leave any sugar chunks in the mix and the texture of the platter. Nagaland bakery machine manufacturers will help you choose the right sugar grinder required for the store.

Bread Slicer

If the bakery shop produces bread or loaf, it must have a few options, like sliced ones. When you have a retail bakery store, you will need to meet each customer’s requirements. A bread slicer is a professional machine that can slice loaves in a commercial quantity.

Gas Oven

Bakery Machine manufacturers in Nagaland also have commercial gas ovens. Unlike the electric oven, it requires fuel to heat the machine.

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