Ginger Slicing Machine, Turmeric Slicing Machine

Turmeric and Ginger Slicer

Ginger slicing machine
Ginger slicing machine
Ginger slicing machine Turmeric slicing machine Ginger slicing machine Manufacturer Ginger slicing machine Manufacturer


Model “A” with ¼ HP Motor 200 Kg. / 8 Hour
Model “B” with 1 HP Motor 500 Kg. / 8 Hour

Cutters Available for:
  • Slicing from 2 mm to 14 mm.
  • Cubing 4 mm To 14 mm.
  • Long Sticks 4 mm to 8 mm thick
  • Designer Slicing 2 mm to 6 mm for Pickling.
  • Can be Provided as per Buyers Requirement.

Other Uses :-

Any hard fruit & Vegetable like Onion, Potato, Raw Papaya, Apple, Pears, Carrot and Pumpkin can be cut into different shapes as per requirement of Industries, Restaurants and Sweets Shops.

Special Features :-

Special Note:- Bigger Capacity Machines with 2 HP, 5 HP Motor can be designed and supplied on request.

In addition to cutting fruits and vegetables into thin strips, the ginger slicing machine can also slice a variety of vegetables and roots into thin strips for various dishes. It not only improves the pace of work but enhances the food presentation in the hospitality industry.

When cutting melon and fruits into strips, the ginger slicer machine can do it in a flash. The surface of the cut product is perfectly smooth and tidy, thanks to the machine. Knives can be customized to cut at different thicknesses. The cutting surface of the machine is free of burrs. This slicer is a must-have tool if you’re in the catering or canteen business.

How To Keep The Shredder Machine In Top Condition?

  1. When cleaning knives or other items of the turmeric slicing machine that come into contact with food, the user should first use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  2. Cooking oil should be used to lubricate the tool’s shaft.
  3. Rust can be removed and polished with an oil stone if the tool is corroded.
  4. To keep the machine running smoothly, it’s important to inspect and lube the machine’s drivetrain components regularly.

Why should you go for a turmeric slicing machine?

A turmeric slicing machine is used to slice fresh turmeric and pickled turmeric. The turmeric slicing machine combines Japanese technology and a variety of blade sizes to cut the tricky turmeric in your perfect size. This turmeric slicing machine is a commendable tool because the turmeric slice thickness error is extremely low and has a high degree of accuracy. 

Depending on your blade, this turmeric slicing machine creates uniform turmeric slices with a smooth surface and equal size, making it a necessary piece of turmeric processing equipment. The essential tools for shredding turmeric are available at Gee Gee foods and packaging, including this fantastic turmeric slicing machine.

Specifications of a turmeric slicing machine:

Any hard fruit or vegetable, including raw papaya, onions, potatoes, apples, pears, carrots, and pumpkins, can be quickly and easily cut into various shapes with the aid of a turmeric slicing machine and multiple usable devices. This is true for homemakers and those who run businesses like restaurants and candy stores.

Not only that, but this fantastic turmeric slicing machine also has several additional capabilities. Let’s look at them from the following pointers:

  1. The stainless steel chromium alloy cutter used in the turmeric slicing machine. Significant parts of the device are made of premium stainless steel, which boosts its quality to the next level.
  1. The slices produced by this turmeric slicing machine are homogeneous and neatly shaped. You can easily adjust them by using the machine’s various blades, which are provided without cost. Given the size, the cutting performed by this beautiful turmeric slicing machine is also highly precise.
  1. Changing the thickness of the turmeric slices is an easy process thanks to the knob included with the excellent turmeric slicing machine.
  1. Cover of the Gee Gee foods and packaging’s turmeric slicing machine can be raised and lowered to prevent residue buildup.

So, after reviewing all the characteristics, it is clear that this fantastic turmeric slicing machine has various specifications, which it provides to its users in many ways. So, now it’s time to examine this turmeric slicing machine’s many benefits.

Benefits of a turmeric slicing machine include:

The turmeric slicing machine can thinly slice various fruits and vegetables for recipes, including pickles, and cut fruits and vegetables to your preferred size. As a result, the hotel business boosts meal presentation while also accelerating the pace of labour.

With the aid of its premium blades, which come in a variety of sizes, the turmeric slicing machine can quickly slice melon and other fruits into varied shapes as per your need. In addition, the turmeric slicing machine is responsible for the cut product’s spotless and smooth surface. 

Even knives of turmeric slicing machine are designed to sever materials of different densities. The machine’s cutting surface is also devoid of burrs. Because of its superior results, this slicer is essential whether you work in the catering or canteen industries.

To put your mind at ease, the sizes that this great turmeric slicing machine offers are as follows.

Cutters available for:

The turmeric slicing machine is undoubtedly a brilliant invention after reading about its benefits, but one question remains: will cleaning it be simple? Let’s now address this query.

How should the turmeric slicing machine be cleaned?

You must first remove the turmeric slicing machine top and cutter to rapidly clean the cutter’s disc and side. After the bolts have been loosened, the disc must then be raised and removed from the turmeric slicing machine. Additionally, this turmeric slicing machine is simple to clean. 

With that said, it’s now up to you to understand how to keep your turmeric slicing machine operating efficiently for years. Therefore, the process is explained in the following blog.

How can you maintain a smooth-operating ginger slicing machine?

So there were a few pointers on keeping your turmeric slicing machine in good working order for years. In addition, we are here to offer guidance on the numerous ways you can use turmeric slices sliced by a turmeric slicing machine.

Various uses of turmeric slicing machine:

Here are some pointers to help you understand the numerous applications for turmeric slices made by a turmeric slicing machine.

  1. To make turmeric milk or tea, add a slice of turmeric to boiling water along with honey or lemon, which intensifies the flavour of the milk or tea and is terrific for your health.
  1. To get rid of tans or improve your complexion, rub the skin with turmeric cut with a machine given by Gee Gee food and packing. You may also include a piece of turmeric in chickpea flour to help with smooth and brighter skin.
  1. Slices of turmeric cooked in the authentic way of preparing a pickle can be used to make fantastic and very healthy pickles. 
  1. Slices of turmeric cut by a turmeric slicing machine can also be included in the vegetables you make to give them an authentic and excellent taste. With this, your vegetables will even become more healthy.

The Gee Gee foods and packaging company’s turmeric slicing machine was the main topic of discussion and proved to be a fantastic product after going through all the facts. So, now after going over all the enormous benefits of the turmeric slicing machine, there is nothing left to cling onto. Therefore, order a turmeric slicing machine for yourself right away.

Why should you go for a ginger slicing machine?

Fresh ginger and whole pickled ginger are chopped into slices using a ginger slicing machine. The ginger slicing machine uses technology from Japan to chop the hard ginger through its cutter, available in various sizes. The ginger slice thickness error is very less, and it has a high degree of accuracy, making this ginger slicing machine device a commendable one to use. 

This ginger slicing machine produces uniform slices of ginger with a smooth surface of equal size depending on the blade you are using, making it an essential piece of ginger processing equipment. In addition, this ginger slicing machine available at Gee Gee foods and packaging is the best equipment for shredding ginger.

Features of a machine that slices ginger:

With the help of a ginger slicing machine, not only ginger but any hard fruit or vegetable, such as an onion, a potato, raw papaya, an apple, a pear, a carrot, or a pumpkin, can be sliced very quickly into various shapes to suit the needs of everyone whether you are a housewife, running businesses like restaurants and sweets shops etc.

This is not just it, but this excellent ginger slicing machine has many other features. Let’s have a look at them-

  1. The cutter used in the ginger slicing machine is made of chromium alloy stainless steel. The machine’s major components are composed of high-quality stainless steel, enhancing its quality even more.
  1. The slices cut by this ginger slicing machine are uniform and nicely shaped, and you can also make changes by using the various blades provided by the ginger slicing machine. With the size, the cutting done through this machine is also very clean.
  1. The knob available with the ginger slicing machine makes it simple to change the ginger slices’ thickness.
  1. You can also avoid residue buildup by moving the cover-up and down of the ginger slicing machine provided by Gee Gee foods and packaging.

So, after going through all the features, this fantastic ginger slicing machine serves its users. Now it’s time to look at the various advantages of this ginger slicing machine.

Advantages of ginger slicing machine-

The ginger slicing machine can slice a range of vegetables and fruits into thin strips for various recipes, including pickles, and cut fruits and vegetables into thin strips or according to your suitable size. As a result, the hotel industry not only quickens the pace of work but also increases food presentation.

The ginger slicing machine can quickly slice melon and other fruits into various shapes with the help of its high-quality blades available in various sizes. The cut product’s surface is clean and smooth, thanks to the ginger slicing machine. Knives can be made to cut through various thicknesses. In addition, the machine’s cutting surface is burr-free. If you work in the catering or canteen industries, this slicer is necessary because of its excellent results.

After reading the advantages of the ginger slicing machine, it’s clear that it is a fantastic creation, but an unclear part is, will cleaning this ginger slicing machine be easy? So, now let’s answer this question.

How to clean the ginger slicing machine?

To quickly clean the disc and side of the ginger slicing machine, firstly, you have to remove the lid and cutter of the machine. Then you have to loosen the bolts, raise the disc, and remove it from the ginger slicing machine. And the cleaning of this ginger slicing machine is effortless. With this, now it’s your turn to know how to keep your ginger slicing machine running smoothly for ages. 

How can you keep your ginger slicing machine running smoothly?

So, these were a few tips through which you can keep your ginger slicing machine running smoothly for decades. Not only this, but we are also here with advice on how you can use ginger slices chopped by a ginger slicing machine in various ways.

How to use ginger slices:

Here are a few tips for you to know the various ways you can use the ginger slices cut by a ginger slicing machine, which are as follows.

1. To create ginger tea, a ginger slice is added to boiling water along with honey or lemon, enhancing the tea taste even more.

2. You can rub the skin with a ginger slice cut by a ginger slicing machine provided by Gee Gee foods and packaging to eliminate skin tans or improve complexion. To aid in digestion, you can also add a piece of ginger to smoothies.

3. You can make pickles with ginger slices in vinegar and sugar. Ginger slices are also used between morsels of sushi, and pickled ginger, known as gari in Japan, helps clear the palette.

4. To create crystallised ginger, commonly known as candied ginger, you will need 4 slices of ginger. Ginger is boiled with sugar granules and sugar syrup. In sweets, crystallised ginger is frequently used.

This was all about the ginger slicing machine provided by Gee Gee foods and packaging. Now there is nothing to hold on to after going through all the tremendous advantages of the ginger slicing machine. So, book a ginger slicing machine for yourself today.

Enhance Productivity with Top Slicing Machines from Gee Gee Foods

Are you looking for the best slicing machine in town yet do not find anyone who can match up to the limits? Well, this is why we are here at Gee Gee Foods  and the idea is to get you the best machines under one roof. Essentially, slicing machines will ensure that you can take a whole piece and then efficiently slice them into fine pieces with complete homogeneity. Currently, two options can be used readily, and these have garnered a lot of client expertise. The two bestselling machines are:

Top Slicing Machines From Gee Gee Foods

When it comes to slicing machines, we do have some of the best ones, and these include

The first variant that we will be talking about is none other than the ginger slicing machine; this ensures that you can slice up whole ginger, and that too in seconds. Not only that, if you look at the slices, you will be able to see that each of these is of the same width, which makes the same quite reliable as well.

The next option that we are going to be talking about is none other than the turmeric-slicing machine. As you can make out from the name itself, the machine is usually used for slicing up turmeric and is also widely used for professional use. The usage of the machine is also quite easy, so if you want to deploy it on a wide-scale basis, this is the perfect option!

Not only that, Gee Gee Foods  is the best for anyone who wants to get in touch with the best machine manufacturers and is just setting up the inventory. I purchased the machine a couple of months back, and since then, it has also been a cakewalk for us. When I trained my employees with the basics, it was quite easy as well. The slicing is also at par, and I can say that this is one of the best machines I have used.

Why Is A Ginger/ Turmeric Slicing Machine Essential?

A turmeric slicing machine will do wonders in the restaurant. It will be easy to slice fresh turmeric. A ginger slicing machine makes a commendable tool because the tool has greater accuracy. With the turmeric slicing machine, you can get uniform turmeric slices of equal size.

Gee Gee foods & packaging provides a unique turmeric/ginger slicing machine. The smooth surface of the machine allows you to cut large volumes of hard vegetables easily. The knives can be customized according to the different thicknesses that a catering or pickle industry may need. 

The slicing machine can slice various fruits and vegetables thinly or even cut fruits or vegetables according to your desired size.

Characteristics Of A Turmeric / Ginger Slicing Machine:

Top Slicing Machines From Gee Gee Foods

When it comes to slicing machines, Gee Gee Foods provide the best ones, including the Ginger Slicing Machine. You can slice up the whole ginger or turmeric in seconds. Even the slices are the same width, making the machine quite reliable and handy. 



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