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It is a machine which cuts the loaf of bread in slices. For cutting bread into different thickens of slices you need to have different machines.

Available Thickness Sizes : -10 Mm
-12 Mm
-14 Mm
-20 Mm
1. Table Model
2. Pedestal Model:
Pedestal model for normal slicing
Pedestal model for sandwich bread slicing
Rusk and Bread slicing

All the machines are equipped with high carbon steel blades for smooth cutting . It has a standard motor with capacity to run continuously for 8 hours . If required we can cut cakes in different shapes , rusk in different sizes on these machines.

Advantages Of Bread Slicers By Bread Slicer Manufacturer In Meghalaya

Bread is a part of the daily life of people. Most people love to enjoy their breakfast with bread. But picking up a knife and cutting the bread into those equal pieces with cleanliness is quite tricky. But bread slicer manufacturers in Meghalaya make this work of people a lot easier through their excellent bread slicers. 

Now, let’s look at the various characteristics of bread slicers that the bread slicer manufacturer makes in Meghalaya.

Special features:

High carbon steel blades are installed on every machine to ensure smooth cutting. In addition, it has a typical motor that can run nonstop for eight hours. We may cut rusks and cakes into various shapes and sizes as needed on these machines.

Advantages of bread slicers:

Bread slicers come in different shapes and sizes, and many types are made exclusively for residential usage. Following are some benefits of owning a Bread Slicer or cutter. So, now let’s have a look at the advantages of Bread Slicers:

Slices of perfect bread:

Is your bread baked? You know how challenging it is to cut a loaf into even slices, whether you prepare your bread by hand or in a bread machine. When you slice it by hand, you frequently end up with uneven pieces, too thick, and so forth. Using a bread slicer, you may produce precise cuts of any thickness you desire from any loaf of bread.

Ready-to-use bread, vegetables, fruits and sausages:

All types of fruits and vegetables may be cut into perfectly even slices if you have an excellent all-purpose bread cutter which can also be used as a vegetable and sausage cutter. You can prepare some veggies to keep in the freezer, slice some fruits for pies and pastries, slice cucumbers for pickles, chop cabbage for some delicious coleslaw, and cut sausages.

Savor cold meats without additives:

Making your cold cuts is healthier and more environmentally friendly when you use a bread or meat cutter. The packaged cold cuts that you may purchase from supermarkets and grocery stores are frequently loaded with sodium nitrite, other preservatives, additives, and a lot of plastic trash, which results in an increasing amount of waste that will end up in a landfill. 

Instead, you can know and control exactly what is in your food by purchasing, prepping, and cooking raw meat or poultry yourself from scratch. In addition, by slicing cooked meat using a bread slicer, you can protect the environment by decreasing plastic waste. 

Save money on grocery costs:

Purchasing a whole chicken, a sizable piece of pork, or a sizable portion of beef, then baking and slicing it at home is a healthy and simple method to lower your food costs. You can cut extra-thin slices and obtain more cuts per batch with an excellent trim and handy bread slicer. In addition, you’ll get cold cuts prepared for consumption and simple to keep.

So, these were all the advantages of using your multi-purpose bread cutter. Now, you have to do only one thing: place your bread cutter order by a bread slicer manufacturer in Meghalaya from Gee Gee foods and its packaging.

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