Planetary Mixer for Bakery

 Planetary Mixer 30 Lit

 Planetary Mixer 30 Lit

Product Specifications:

Body Material Stainless Steel
Automation Grade  Automatic
Frequency 60 Hz
Capacity 30 L
Phase Single Phase
Voltage 440 V
Usage/Application Bakery
Brand Homat
Horse Power 4 HP


Planetary Mixer 60 Lit

Planetary Mixer 60 Lit

Product Specifications:

Body Material Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Bakery
Capacity 60 ltr
Power  2.2kw
Material Stainless Steel
Design Type Standard
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Voltage 380V
Size/Dimension 910x730x1460mm
Bowl Capacity 25kg
Weight 395kg approx
Speed 82/155/326 r/min
Dimension 910x730x1460


Planetary Mixer 40 Lit

Planetary Mixer 40 Lit

Product Specifications:

Material Stainless Steel
Mixer Type Single
Bowl Volume 40 L
Usage/Application Bakery
Power Source Electric
Automation Grade Automatic
Capacity 10 kg
Used for Making Biscuit/Cookies
Warranty 1 Year
Electric Power (KW) 1.5 KW
Modes of Speed Three
Bowl Thickness 3 mm
Accesories/Attachments Whipper
Weight 120 Kg





Maida Capacity kg. Bucket Capacity Litres
10 Kgs. 27 Ltrs.
15 Kgs. 40 Ltrs.
25 Kgs. 70 Ltrs.

Also called as Planetary mixer. It has 3 attachments, with the help of gears system we can run the machine in 3 speeds. Slowest speed is used for dough kneading, L shaped attachment is provided along with machine for the purpose and can be easily changed by stopping the machine.

Medium speed is used for mixing of dough with sugar, milk or any other ingredients for making cake, pastries, etc.

Highest speed is used along with beating attachment, this is used for egg or cream beating.

We have 3 sizes of cake mixers having capacity as above.

We also have ice-cream mixer / egg beater running on belt system with 2 variable speeds and without any gear. This machine is very useful for those who need separate machine for egg beating / cream beating. This machine is almost half the price of 3 speed mixer.

Operation Time :

All the above machines are capable of completing the operation in 25 minutes. It may be dough kneading, cake mixing or beating.

Special Features :

All the machines have contact parts made of food grade stainless steel and motors used are standard motors for optimum working.

Warranty :

All machines carry a warranty for 1 year against any manufacturing defects.

Why Is A Planetary Mixer Needed For Bakery Units?

Gee Gee Foods & Packaging has earned a name for itself as one of the pioneers in manufacturing food processing & packaging machines. We are one of the premium manufacturers of food processing equipment in India. Our highly efficient engineers help us manufacture high-quality, premium food processing equipment. Our products are supplied to almost every part of India and are required by corporate houses, restaurants, and other food processing industries. We have been serving our premium customers for over three decades.

What Is Unique About Our Product?

1- Planetary mixer for bakery is multipurpose equipment. The Mixers are cake mixers, cream mixers, or dough mixers, and their unique style of motion around the axis and throughout the circumference of the utensil makes them ideal for the baking industry. The planetary mixer for bakery can be used for various uses like whipping, mixing, and other preparations, even for nitrogen ice cream mixture.

2- Planetary mixers usually come with three attachments. The gear system runs the machine at three different speeds. 

-The slowest speed is primarily used for dough kneading. An L-shaped attachment comes with the machine and can be changed when required. 

-Then there is a medium speed used to mix the dough with sugar, milk, or other ingredients for making pastries, cakes, etc.

-The maximum or highest speed is used for egg or cream beating. With different speeds, you can work efficiently according to your needs. 

1- Gee Gee Foods manufactures three different sizes of cake mixers with different capacities to meet the demands of the growing market. We also have an ice cream mixer and egg beater that runs on a belt system. These mixers are available at two variable speeds. The mixer comes without any gear. This machine benefits those needing a separate machine for egg beating or cream beating.  

2- The planetary mixers are robust and highly efficient. It is capable of completing the whole operation in less than an hour. If you want to knead the dough or mix the ingredients for the cake, our machine completes these jobs within minutes, saving you a lot of your precious time and energy.

3- All the machines produced by Gee Gee Foods have food-grade stainless steel parts and components. The motors used are standard motors that are perfect for optimum working conditions. The machines are corrosive resistant. 

4- All machines we provide have a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. We will replace the faulty parts if they are found. Rest assured; we never compromise on manufacturing our products. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest technological advancements and know-how. 

5- We ensure after-sales service & provide technical knowledge to our clients. You can be assured that you won’t face any difficulties operating our equipment. We guarantee the performance of our high-class machinery. 

Gee Gee foods are driven to meet the expectations of its valued customers. The food industry is continuously changing and evolving. We endeavor to deliver the best for the food industry, which helped us succeed.

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