Turmeric and Ginger Slicer

Ginger slicing machine
Ginger slicing machine
Ginger slicing machine Turmeric slicing machine Ginger slicing machine Manufacturer Ginger slicing machine Manufacturer


Model “A” with ¼ HP Motor 200 Kg. / 8 Hour
Model “B” with 1 HP Motor 500 Kg. / 8 Hour

Cutters Available for:
  • Slicing from 2 mm to 14 mm.
  • Cubing 4 mm To 14 mm.
  • Long Sticks 4 mm to 8 mm thick
  • Designer Slicing 2 mm to 6 mm for Pickling.
  • Can be Provided as per Buyers Requirement.

Other Uses :-

Any hard fruit & Vegetable like Onion, Potato, Raw Papaya, Apple, Pears, Carrot and Pumpkin can be cut into different shapes as per requirement of Industries, Restaurants and Sweets Shops.

Special Features :-

Special Note:- Bigger Capacity Machines with 2 HP, 5 HP Motor can be designed and supplied on request.

In addition to cutting fruits and vegetables into thin strips, the ginger slicing machine can also slice a variety of vegetables and roots into thin strips for various dishes. It not only improves the pace of work but enhances the food presentation in the hospitality industry.

When cutting melon and fruits into strips, the ginger slicer machine can do it in a flash. The surface of the cut product is perfectly smooth and tidy, thanks to the machine. Knives can be customized to cut at different thicknesses. The cutting surface of the machine is free of burrs. This slicer is a must-have tool if you’re in the catering or canteen business.

How To Keep The Shredder Machine In Top Condition?

  1. When cleaning knives or other items of the turmeric slicing machine that come into contact with food, the user should first use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  2. Cooking oil should be used to lubricate the tool’s shaft.
  3. Rust can be removed and polished with an oil stone if the tool is corroded.
  4. To keep the machine running smoothly, it’s important to inspect and lube the machine’s drivetrain components regularly.


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