Tray Dryer Machine

Trays Dryer Machine 6 Trays

Trays Dryer Machine  6 Trays

Product Specifications:

Capacity 6 tray
Heating Media Electric
Number Of Tray 6
Max Temperature 300
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Design Standard
Minimum Order Quantity 1


Trays Dryer Machine 12 Trays

Trays Dryer Machine  12 Trays

Product Specifications:

Material stainless steel
Number Of Tray 12 tray
Tray Size 16x32x1 inches
Brand sigma
Country of Origin Made in India
Power Requirements 440 v ac ,50 hz, 3 phase


Trays Dryer Machine 24 Trays

Trays Dryer Machine  24 Trays

Product Specifications:

Brand Starfish
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Capacity 24
Material ss
Voltage 440


Trays Dryer Machine 48 Trays

Trays Dryer Machine  48 Trays

Product Specifications:

Material Stainless Steel
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Heating Media Steam , Electric , Heaters
Number Of Tray 48 Tray’s
Max Temperature 90 – 120
Voltage 250 V
Minimum Order Quantity 1


Trays Dryer Machine 96 Trays

Trays Dryer Machine  96 Trays

Product Specifications:

Type Batch Type
Design Electric Tray Type
Capacity 6 Tray To 96 Tray
Number of Trays 6 Tray To 96 Tray
Automation Grade Digital
Design Type Standard, Customized
Minimum Order Quantity 1





Fitted with thermostatic controlled, it has a maximum temperature as 110°c. It is equipped with dry air inlet and wet air outlet. It is complete with food grade trays and MS trolleys.

Sizes Available :
6 Trays of 16”×32”
12 Trays of 16”×32”
24 Trays of 16”×32”
48 Trays of 16”×32”

Options :

a) Body made of mild steel and all contact parts made of stainless steel.
b) Complete oven / dryer made of stainless steel.

Suitable For :

  • Spices
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ginger + Turmeric
  • Whole or Powder

Options In Trays

  • Plain Solid
  • Perforated

Extra available trolley trays.

Note : Size of tray / dryer can be modified to suit the space available.

Why Consider Buying A Tray Dryer From Gee-Gee Foods?

Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. is envisioned to provide the best, from Bakery to food processing machines to RO Plants to Meat processing machines, you name it, and we have all covered to meet the expectation of every client in the food industry. Our drive enables us to be recognized as the most flourishing food plant across India.

We do not emphasize the quality of food manufacturing equipment but also deliver top-notch packaging. We follow and abide by industry standards. The food trends are changing, so we have diversified our operations into processed food Plants, bamboo shoots processing plants, ice factories, cold storage, Oil extraction plants, bakery plants, Packaging units, Processed foods, and so forth. Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. successfully develops processed foods, equipment, machinery, and accessories. 

The food industry has enormous potential and has been increasing over the years. And we are continuously working to sustain the desired demand. 

1- A Tray dryer is a drying machine with inbuilt enclosed trays. Tray Dryer is best used for drying purposes. Usually, a tray dryer is a double-walled cabinet with single or double doors. There is an insulation material which helps to avoid the heat. The doors are provided with gaskets, and stainless steel trays are available on the movable trolleys. The Tray Dryer comes with a control panel board and process timer and comes in capacities ranging from 6 to 96 trays.

2- Tray dryers come with a control panel system with a dry & wet air inlet. The food-grade trays and MS trolleys are all top-notch-grade equipment. Various sizes are available, from 6 to 48 trays of length 16”×32”. The dryer is made of stainless steel and is best suited for drying spices, ginger, and turmeric. 

3- There are many options for trays from plain to perforated ones. Depending upon the preference of the operation, customers can choose their trays. Extra trolley trays are also available if clients need them. The company can customize the tray dryers for clients too. Even the size of the tray dryer can be modified to suit the space. Gee Gee Foods manufacture various Tray dryer machines. The tray dryer is available with a choice of heating mode; for instance, you can choose from electric or steam, even thermic fluid heated ovens. All the models have a digital temperature controller and timer to ease workflow. 

Final Say

Time is changing, and companies want to diversify their operations. They both want quality products that come with high output and efficiency. Gee Gee Foods will always strive to grow and bring new innovative changes despite a challenging business environment. There are new opportunities in the Food Sector, and our innovative actions have enabled us to handle breakthrough changes in manufacturing machinery. If you’re looking to streamline your production or looking for an efficient tool to help your job done, the Tray dryer is the ideal choice. Call us to know about the quotes!

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