Tray Dryer Machine


drying oven
drying oven


Fitted with thermostatic controlled, it has a maximum temperature as 110°c. It is equipped with dry air inlet and wet air outlet. It is complete with food grade trays and MS trolleys.

Sizes Available :
6 Trays of 16”×32”
12 Trays of 16”×32”
24 Trays of 16”×32”
48 Trays of 16”×32”

Options :

a) Body made of mild steel and all contact parts made of stainless steel.
b) Complete oven / dryer made of stainless steel.

Suitable For :

  • Spices
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ginger + Turmeric
  • Whole or Powder

Options In Trays

  • Plain Solid
  • Perforated

Extra available trolley trays.

Note : Size of tray / dryer can be modified to suit the space available.

Why Should You Go For A Tray Dryer Machine?

A tray dryer is used for many purposes like spices, fruits and vegetables, ginger, turmeric, whole or powder and also for the pharmaceutical industry to dry a variety of powders. In addition to its frequent use in the pharmaceutical industry, this equipment is also used in the herbal, nutraceutical, ayurvedic, cosmetic, and chemical industries as well. 

Hot air from the built-in blower is used to dry powder. Heaters mounted on the equipment’s side walls circulate air that generally varies before it touches the product on trays. Equipment that operates phenomenally across different types of things and is noted for uniform heating throughout the operation. 

Numerous chemicals, foods, and raw materials are used in the creation of medicines and are stored in powder form. Therefore, this tray dryer machine which is used for various things is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Tray dryer operating principle:

While the machine’s operating principle is performance-oriented, its design is, on the one hand, durable on the other. Through the compressor, the evaporator of this device absorbs heat from the surrounding air. Heat is distributed into the drying chamber by high voltage gas entering the condenser. Due to the heated air, materials’ water vapor is extracted. This makes drying easier to accomplish in the long run.

Essential features of tray dryer machine:

This was all about the tray dryer machine, provided by Gee Gee foods and packaging, who are best at their work and presenting their engineering excellence since 1984 to its customers. So, now there is nothing to hold on to after going through all the outstanding features of this tray dryer machine that we have just read in this blog. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Gee Gee foods and packaging team since 1984 for additional information about the fantastic tray dryer and make your bookings today for this dryer machine.

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