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Company Profile

Field of Operation

  1. Processed food Plants.
  2. Bamboo Shoots Processing Plant.
  3. Drinking Water Plants.
  4. Ice Factories and Cold Storages.
  5. Cold Rooms.
  6. Oil Extraction Plants.
  7. Bakery Plants.
  8. Kitchen Equipments.
  9. Packaging Units.
  10. Processed Foods.
  11. Ginger / Turmeric Processing Plants.

Challenging Assignment :

Worked for last Five years as Marketing Consultant for Development of Bamboo Shoots Products From North East Job Assigned by National Mission on Bamboo Application (Govt. of India).

Working Operations

  • Detailed Study of Projects in North East Region / Other parts of India.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  • Economic Study
  • Preparation of detailed building plan for the project and supervision without involving in for civil works
  • Procurement of Machinery ,Packaging material and other related goods.
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Technical Knowledge
  • After sales services
  • Buy back Arrangement
  • Arranging seminar and training related in diff projects
  • Arranging exhibition and contact of buyer and supplier

Fruits and Vegetables -Specialization

  • Bamboo Shoots
  • Pineapple
  • Passion Fruit
  • Orange
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon
  • Chilli
  • Amla

Finished Products

  • Canned Bamboo Shoots
  • Canned Pineapple Products
  • Bottle Drinks & Squashes
  • Pickles and Murrabas
  • Powdered Spices
  • Tea
  • Bamboo Shoots Water
  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Oils from Seeds
  • Drinking Water Plant

Some Plants Completed In Recent Years

  • Ice Factory and Cold Storage at Dimapur Cap. 5 MT/Day.
  • Ice Factory at Doyang Nagaland Cap. 5 MT/Day, owned by Govt. of Nagaland.
  • Drinking Water Plant at Dimapur Cap. 2000 Ltr. / hour owned by North East Beverages.
  • Food Processing Plant at Dimapur Cap. 20 MT/Day, owned by Nagaland Food & Beverages.
  • Ginger Preservation Units Cap. 20 MT/Day, owned by Department of Horticulture Mizoram.
  • Hotel Equipment and Supplies at Patna Cap. 20 Rooms, owned by Krishnashree Food Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Design and Supplies for Pickles Plant Cap- 5 MT/Day, owned by Nagaland Fragrances Pvt. Ltd.
  • Fruits Juice Processing Unit Near Dimapur Cap 2 MT/Day, owned by Neitho-O.
  • Bakery Unit at Nepal Cap. 3 MT/Day, owned by Ganesh Bakery Nepal.
  • Fruits and Vegetable Processing at Arunanchal Pardesh Cap. 10 MT/Day, owned by Mr. Taluka Darang.
  • Fruits and Vegetables Canning Unit at Tura Meghalaya Cap. 5 MT/Day owned by Dimroo Foods.
  • Fruits Juices Bottles Plant at Arunachal Pradesh Cap. 10 MT/ Day, owned by Trade Line Cooperative, Guwahati Assam.
  • Bakery Unit at Shillong Cap. 5 MT/Day, owned by Mr. VM Shullai.
  • Noodles Factory Unit Cap. 3 MT/Day, owned by BCA Bamboo Products Aizwal Mizoram.
  • Bakery Unit at Aizwal Cap.10 MT/Day, owned by Bake House.
  • Food Processing Unit at Mantripukhri Imphal owned by Local Manipur Entrepreneur Cap. 10 MT/Day.
  • Bakery Unit at Aizwal Cap-3 mt/day owned by Ms. Lalsangpui.
  • Bakery Unit at Aizawl Cap. 3 MT/Day, owned by Nicoholas Bakers Aizwal.
  • Bakery Unit at Golpara Assam Cap. 2 MT /Day, owned by Konika Biscuit Factory.
  • Fruit Juice plant at Golaghat Assam Cap. 5 MT/Day, owned by Rayan Foods.
  • Bakery Plant at Golaghat Assam Cap. 10 MT/Day, owned by Town Bakery Golaghat.
  • Fruit Juice Plant at Dawki Meghalya Cap. 5 MT/Day, owned by Border Road Organization.
  • Bakery Plant at Jaluki Dimapur Cap. 10 MT /Day, owned by Zanene Communicators.
  • Noodles Manufacturing Unit at Mokokchung Nagaland Cap. 2 MT/day, owned by Mr. Mani Raj Rai.
  • Bakery unit at Mokokchung Cap. 5 MT /Day, owned by New Bakery.
  • Bakery Unit at Nagaon Cap. 5 MT/day, owned by Laxmi Ice Factory.
  • Hotel Project at Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) Cap. 30 Rooms, owned by GKZ Hotels.
  • Tea Packaging Unit at Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh) Cap. 2 MT/day, owned by Himalayan Noodles.
  • Turmeric Processing Plant at Jowai Meghalaya Cap. 10 MT/day, owned by Department of Horticulture.
  • Bamboo Shoot Water Plant Peren Nagaland Cap 3 MT/day, owned by Excel Foods.
  • Ginger / Turmeric Processing Plant at Mizoram Cap. 10 MT/day, owned by Reiek Co-Operative Society.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Plant Owned by Holyland Marketing (P) Ltd. at Tronica City (U. P) Capacity 10 MT/day.
  • Bakery Unit at Aizawl Owned by Mizoram KVI Board Aizawl Mizoram Capacity 600 Kg./day.
  • Cold Rooms – 2 Nos. at Dimapur Owned by Department of Fisheries Nagaland Cap. 20 Mt./day.
  • Honey Processing Plant installed at Tura (Meghalaya) Owned by Director of Commerce & Industries Meghalaya Cap. 200 Kg. / day.
  • Bakery at Merapani Assam Cap. 600 Kg. / day Owned by Shyam Lal Mazumdar Mariani Assam.
  • Refrigerated Show Cases for Meat Storing at Dimapur / Kohima Owned by Nagaland Techno Tools & Services.
  • Complete Supply for Small Hotel at Patna Owned by S. S. Enterprises Patna Cap. 25 Rooms.
  • Food Processing Plant at Dimapur Owned by Exo-Delicia Food Products Cap. 20 Mt./day (Canning, Bottling, Dehydration and Cold Storage).
  • Training Centre for Food Processing at Kohima run by Ms. Rovi Chasie.
  • Bakery Unit at Pfutsero (Phek) Nagaland owned by Mr. Obed Yhobu.

In Addition to Above We are Regular Supplier to

  • Hotel Pinewood Shillong
  • Hotel Raj Mahal Guwahati
  • Mizoram KVI Board Aizawl
  • Industrial Machines Ranchi
  • Nagaland Fruit and Vegetable Product Unit Dimapur

Projects under Finalization

  • Bamboo Shoot Processing Plant owned by M/s Green Belt Capacity 10-20 MT/day.
  • Food Processing Unit owned by Govt. of Manipur Capacity 20 MT/day.

Consultancy Services

  • National Mission on Bamboo Application (A Govt. of India Enterprise) is engaged in development of Bamboo related products in India and Particular North East Part of India.
  • We are associated with them from last 5 years as Marketing agent consultant and have developed the production of processed edible Bamboo Shoots in North East.

  • For the Purpose we help the farmers in
  • Identifying the right shoots.
  • Harvesting at the right time.
  • Development of economic processing technology.
  • Setting up plants.
  • Quality control
  • Arranging Packaging Material
  • Bulk Production.
  • Marketing of Products.
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