Rotary Diesel Oven

  • Rotary Diesel Oven

This is an oven in which chamber is heated by air circulation around. Air is heated by specially made very efficient diesel burners. The fuel used for heating is Diesel as against Electricity / Gas in normal Deck Ovens.

In the chamber product is placed on trolleys fitted with rotational arrangement by an electric motor.

The advantage of this oven is that product as is being continuously rotating, gets uniformly heated from all the sides. The quality of product is much superior and cost of running is also less compared to other ovens. A see through toghenced geass is provided on the door to inspect the product during operation.

It is a trouble free very efficient machine very useful for the area where there is a problem to get 3 phase power supply with heavy loads. We can run this machine with Diesel and Single Phase Power Supply to run the motor.

Extra trolleys & trays can be provided for continuous running of machine without wasting the time.

Capacity Available:-

1. 60 Breads of 400 gm. / or Equivalent Qty. of Biscuit
2. 140 Breads of 400 gm. / or Equivalent Qty. of Biscuit
3. 216 Breads of 400 gm. / or Equivalent Qty. of Biscuit
4. 600 Breads of 400 gm. / or Equivalent Qty. of Biscuit
5. Any Other Size as per buyers requirement.

To run smoothly, we have to maintain safe Diesel Storage place where Diesel requirement for a week can be stored.

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