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Baby Boiler



300 Kg. / Hour
400 Kg. / Hour
500 Kg. / Hour

These Steam generators have water flowing thro’ tubes and hot air is generated by burning coal, wood or any other fuel at bottom. The hot air thus produced heats the water to convert it into steam. These are vertical in shape and app. height exclusive of chimney is 12′ to 15′. Chimney height varies for 16′ to 24′ depending upon the capacity & fuel to be used. These are fitted with water level Glass, pressure gauges, safety valves & release valves. Rough and tough in construction has virtually no repairs during very long time of operation. For efficient working tubes are to be decaled every year.

A water softening plant is attached to boiler at feeding end. So that minimum imporities go to the tubes which ensures better life and less maintenance of the tubes.

Diesel burners can be provided to replace solid fuel burning if required, and with minimum investment the boiler can be used with the same efficiency but diesel as fuel.

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