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Deck Oven – Gas Operated

All specification of this oven are same as that of Electrically Operated Ovens. Chamber Size Normally available are 54″ X 34″ & 42″ X 30″, Only exception is that instead of heating elements the oven is heated with Gas burners placed at Top & Bottom.

In 54″ X 34″ chamber size Oven, One commercial LPG Cylinders is consumed in 12 hour operation. For trouble free operation 4 cylinders are joined by T Joints for feeding the Gas and 4 are kept in stores. This ensures the continuous operation of oven.

Heat is equally distributed and can be controlled by movement of knobs to left & right. Temperature in the chamber is indicated on the thermometer placed in front of oven.

We need to clean burners every 3 months for efficient working as carbon can block few of the holes in the burners with prolonged burning.
It takes app. 30 minutes to bake one charge.

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