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Gee Gee Foods and Packaging is engaged in a wide array of top-class food processing equipment. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of food processing machines in India. Backed by industry professionals, our team helps us in manufacturing high-quality food processing machines at our state of the art facility. Our equipment is focused on improving food genres such as edibles, digestibility and most importantly increasing the shelf life of the product. Besides, some of our equipment also performs auxiliary tasks like processing, packaging and handling of the product.

We hold experience in delivering high-quality food processing products with a view to making food packaging and food processing simple and efficient work. Our wide range of products that include cake mixers, sugar grinders and many more are successfully running in Guwahati. Our products have been supplied to a large number of corporate houses, restaurants and other food companies for more than 3 decades now.

If you are wondering what are the other major reasons why you should choose us, keep reading! We are committed to providing turnkey solutions for food processing. This includes cleaning, sorting, grading, sorting, and many more. Our food processing equipment is designed to perform multiple unit operations required throughout the production cycle, including cleaning, separation, mixing, baking, freezing and sealing.

Bakery machine

Gee Gee Foods is considered to be the best bakery machine manufacturer in Guwahati. Our most popular bakery machine equipment includes:

1. Cake mixer – This is one of the basic bakery machines that is used to prepare dough for any bakery item like cake, pastry, etc. The equipment has 3 attachments supplied along with, which can be changed easily. It does not require any specific skills to do so. The machine is also equipped with a gear box and a lever that allows one to change the speed.
Be it pharmaceutical, food, juice or any such item, this machine can be effectively used for mixing any product. Thus, if you are looking for a trouble-free and versatile basic bakery machine with a long life then this is the machine you should opt for.

2. Sugar grinder – Most of the bakery items comprise sugar elements. To make sweet product of good quality, it is essential to use crystal sugar. Sugar grinder or icing sugar machine from Gee Gee Foods is one of the finest options to grind the bulk quantity of sugar to the finest quality. This machine eases the sugar refining process with minimum investment for small or large bakery manufacturers alike.

3. Rotary diesel oven – In this oven, there is a chamber that is heated by air circulation around. The product is placed on trolleys fitted with rotational arrangement using electric motor. The advantage of using this equipment is that the product is being continuously rotated allowing the product to heat uniformly from all sides. The quality of the product is much better and the running cost is lower as compared to other ovens.

4. Dough kneader machine – The machine is used for preparing dough for bread making. To achieve smooth final product, the dough needs a hard beating. Gee Gee Food’s dough kneader machine has a beater that runs with motor and a drum that moves slowly on its axis. With the help of dual opposite movement the maida is beaten, which can further be used for the preparation of bread, bun, and other products.

5. Bread slicer – Bread slicer machine is used for slicing the loafs of bread, rusk or any other specific requirement. It is a normal speed machine designed for low maintenance. One can set the slicing blade angle for optimum slicing efficiency. Get the quality bakery machines – cake mixers, sugar grinders, domestic oven, rotary design ovens etc for your personal, hotel or restaurant use. Get in touch with us to shop today at the best prices!

Turmeric slicing

The brilliant turmeric slicing machine is used in various restaurants, industries and sweet shops. The cutting edge on the blade is very sharp to cut the turmeric into desired shape and size. One can also use the machine to cut hard fruit and vegetables like onion, raw papaya, apple, carrot and pears.

Gee Gee Foods also offer Turmeric Pulverizer, a mechanical device that is used for grinding or crushing different types of food products. The device finds its usage in various kinds of industrial and residential applications. The pulverizers we offer are electric which means that it requires less effort than their manual counterparts. Over the years, Gee Gee Foods & Packaging has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of turmeric pulverizers and industrial food processing machines. Get the best turmeric slicing machine from Gee Gee Foods today.

Ginger slicing machine

Gee Gee Foods offer a ginger slicing machine that is easy to use. It cuts any hard fruit and vegetables like onion, potato, pear, apple, carrot in different shapes and sizes to fulfill the requirement. The slices have a smooth flat finish. The contact parts of the ginger slicing machine are made up of stainless steel. If you wish to grind different types of products, it is recommended to use a separate pulverizer to achieve the best result. One can also change the mesh size of the product as per the specific requirement. Backed by top-class industry professionals, when you choose our ginger slicer, you can be assured to be using quality equipment. We are known to bring the best of food products to our clients and have got every type of equipment to meet the requirements of our client dealing in the food industry. Connect with us today to get the best ginger slicing machine and make your food processing easy and quick.

Vegetable cutting machine

Gee Gee Foods is the leading manufacturer of vegetable cutting machines, ginger slicer machines and commercial vegetable cutting machines. Our equipment is capable of cutting any hard fruits or vegetables in any required shape and slicing size as per the requirement of restaurants, industries and bakery shops. The machine is compactly built and is absolutely easy to clean. It is specially developed for wide utilization in the processing of the vegetable sector. Due to the availability of multiple slicing discs, the vegetable slicing machine is suitable for the preparation of nearly any kind of vegetable.

Gee Gee Foods holds vast experience in the manufacturing of vegetable cutting machines in Guwahati. With years of experience offering a superb quality assortment of products, we have established ourselves as a pioneer in food processing equipment of all kinds

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