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Maida Capacity kg. Bucket Capacity Litres
10 Kgs. 27 Ltrs.
15 Kgs. 40 Ltrs.
25 Kgs. 70 Ltrs.

Also called as Planetary mixer. It has 3 attachments, with the help of gears system we can run the machine in 3 speeds. Slowest speed is used for dough kneading, L shaped attachment is provided along with machine for the purpose and can be easily changed by stopping the machine.

Medium speed is used for mixing of dough with sugar, milk or any other ingredients for making cake, pastries, etc.

Highest speed is used along with beating attachment, this is used for egg or cream beating.

We have 3 sizes of cake mixers having capacity as above.

We also have ice-cream mixer / egg beater running on belt system with 2 variable speeds and without any gear. This machine is very useful for those who need separate machine for egg beating / cream beating. This machine is almost half the price of 3 speed mixer.

Operation Time :

All the above machines are capable of completing the operation in 25 minutes. It may be dough kneading, cake mixing or beating.

Special Features :

All the machines have contact parts made of food grade stainless steel and motors used are standard motors for optimum working.

Warranty :

All machines carry a warranty for 1 year against any manufacturing defects.

Cake Mixture Machine Manufacturer In Mizoram

At GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd, we bring you the latest advancements in bakery technology with our latest cake mixture machines for bakery. Say goodbye to traditional manual mixing methods and embrace a new era of efficiency, consistency, and innovation in cake making.

Your Ultimate Solution | Advanced Bakery Cake Making Machine

Baking delightful cakes that keep customers coming back for more is an art, and our cake mixture machines are the perfect tool to master it. Designed with precision and crafted with passion, our machines are tailored to meet the unique requirements of bakeries in Mizoram. Whether you own a small bakery or a large production facility, our cake making machines are available in various sizes and capacities to suit your business demands.

The Working Process of Our Bakery Cake Machine

At GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd, we take pride in the innovative design and seamless functionality of our cake mixture machines. Understanding how these machines work will help you appreciate the transformative impact they can have on your bakery. Let’s take a closer look at the working process of our cutting-edge cake making machines:

Precise Ingredient Measurement

The cake making process begins with precise ingredient measurement. Bakers need to add the right quantities of flour, eggs, sugar, flavorings, and other ingredients to achieve the desired cake texture and taste. Our bakery machines come equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows you to input the exact measurements for each batch.

Mixing Bowl Preparation

Before starting the mixing process, ensure that the mixing bowl is clean and dry. Our cake machines are designed with durable, food-grade stainless steel mixing bowls that provide optimal hygiene and facilitate easy cleaning.

Loading the Ingredients

Once the mixing bowl is ready, add the pre-measured ingredients into it. The bowl is specially designed to accommodate the specific quantity of ingredients required for each batch, ensuring consistent results every time.

Selecting the Mixing Speed and Time

Our cake making machines offer customizable mixing settings to suit different cake recipes and production volumes. Through the intuitive control panel, you can easily select the appropriate mixing speed and time for your specific cake batter.

Initiating the Mixing Process

With the ingredients loaded and settings configured, it’s time to initiate the mixing process. Our cake machines are equipped with powerful motors and efficient mixing blades that work in harmony to thoroughly blend the ingredients into a smooth and consistent batter.

Incorporating Air into the Batter:

Proper aeration is essential for achieving a light and fluffy cake texture. Our machines are designed to introduce the ideal amount of air into the batter during the mixing process, resulting in perfectly risen cakes with a soft crumb.

Monitoring the Mixing Progress

Throughout the mixing process, you can monitor the progress through the machine’s transparent lid or digital display. This allows you to ensure that the batter reaches the desired consistency and avoids overmixing or undermixing.

Finalizing the Cake Batter

Once the mixing process is complete, stop the machine and carefully remove the cake batter from the mixing bowl. The batter is now ready for baking, ensuring consistent results and excellent cake quality every time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each use, it’s crucial to clean the mixing bowl, blades, and other machine components thoroughly. Regular maintenance checks by our expert technicians are also recommended to ensure the machine’s longevity and optimal performance.

Experience consistency, efficiency, and superior cake quality, all tailored to meet your bakery’s unique requirements.

Caring for Your Investment – Maintenance For Cake Making Machine For Bakery

At GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd, we not only provide you with exceptional cake mixture machines but also guide you on how to maintain and prolong their lifespan:

.Regular Cleaning: After each use, make sure to clean the machine thoroughly to prevent any build-up of batter or residue. A clean machine ensures optimal performance and hygienic cake production.

.Scheduled Maintenance: Our team of skilled technicians is always ready to conduct routine maintenance checks, identifying and resolving any potential issues before they impact your bakery’s productivity.

.Genuine Spare Parts: In the unlikely event of a replacement being required, rest assured that we offer genuine spare parts to keep your machine running at its best.

Join the Revolution – Choose GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd For Cake Mixer Machine For Bakery

Embrace innovation, precision, and reliability with GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd’s cutting-edge cake mixture machines. Transform your bakery into a powerhouse of delectable cake production and capture the hearts of your customers with every slice.

The future of your bakery lies in making the right choices today. Let GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd be your partner in progress as you revolutionize your cake-making process with our advanced cake mixture machines. Delight your customers with the most exquisite cakes they’ve ever tasted. The path to bakery success starts with GeeGee Foods Pvt Ltd!

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