Crown Corking Machine

  • Crown Corking Machine

It is a sort of hand press in which a small cavity with magnet is made on the chuck to hold Crown Cork. The bottle is placed on a specially built plateform, so that Crown Cork head when pressed, automatically comes in the Centre of Bottle. Bottle after filling the Content is placed on the plateform and one Crown Cork is Placed on the head, by simple hand pressure the Crown Cork is pressed on the Bottle and secured on the bottle making it leak proof. It gives a prefect sealing and bottles can be preserved for long with this method of Sealing. Once opened Crown Cork cannot be used again.

It is a hand operated machine in which corks crush are held by magnets and bottle is kept on the platefom. By hand pressing Crown is fixed on the bottles. One bottle at a time is packed. Seal is perfect and there is no leakage. Only precaution to be taken is Crown Corks Should be from an automatic manufacturing machine. We have 2 models.

A) Light Duty
B) Heavy Duty

Machine us suitable to pack Tomato Ketchup differente sauces, Vinegar or any other liquid in Glass Bottles.

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