Drinking Water Plant

  • Drinking Water Plant

Drinking Water Plant

The complete Drinking Water Plant is a combination of 4 units.
1. R O Plant
2. Bottle Blowing Units
3. Rinsing Filling Capping Unit
4. Labelling & Packaging Unit


Reverse Osmosis Plant (R. O. Plant)

Depending upon the quantity of water to be cleaned these plants have facility i.e sand filter, activated carbon filter, Iron removal system, Water Softening System and reverse osmosis system, which ensures clean water and also suitable for drinking as per norms laid out by BIS standards.

The plant is designed keeping in mind the quality report of raw water and ensuring supply of finished product as per BIS Standard (ISI).
It is a compact unit made as single piece housed in the chassis with inlet for raw material and outlet for finished product. It is made of structural FRP pressure vessels, manual valves, standard microne cartridge filter, High World Class membrances, pumps, rejects & permeat flow indicator, low & High pressure protection switch, conductivity indicator, pH Indicator, Skid mounted RO System fitted with control & panels.

Recovery of potable water is 50 % to 70% depending upon quality of raw material.

Raw material storage tanks and arrangement to supply to plant, finished product storage and its use is all in customer’s scope.

A) 500 Lit. / Hour
B) 1000 Lit. / Hour
C) 2000 Lit. / Hour
D) 5000 Lit. / Hour

Capacity, different than above can be designed & provided if required by any client, Plants to cover school, college, hospital, club, locality or village can be designed and provided for supply of drinking water.
All parts & refills are available ex stock, cab be shipped in shortest period to cover emergency.
Our team of experts is sent for installation & commissioning as and when plants supplied even to the remote corners of the country.

Bottle Blowing Unit

To avoid heavy transport charges on supply of empty pet bottles, It is always advisable to manufacturer bottle for drinking water at the plant site from specially procured performs.

To convert performs to Bottle we require :
A) Blowing Machine
B) Preform Heating Unit
C) Moulds to give required shape to bottles.
D) Compressor to Blow Air

Normally two cavity blowing machine attached with Heating Oven and a Compressor is used as a single set. Capacity of such plant is app. 6000 to 7000 bottles / day No. of Units can be installed as per requirement of bottles or capacity of RO Plant.

In the same set blowing can be done for 250 ml, 500 ml or 1000 ml bottles. Shape of bottle can vary and moulds as per the design are prepared to fit into the cavity of machine. One mould can be used at a time.

Caps & lablels for the blown bottles are purchased from recognized supplier so that Cap should fit bottle in such a manner that there is no leakage.

Rinsing Filling & Capping Unit

We have two types of Plant

A) Fully automatic having 12/6 head rinsing 6 Head filling & 2 Head Capping Machine all attached with a conveyor. Bottles are fed from one end and taken out from other end of a compact unit.

B) Semi Automatic machine in which bottles are washed with bottle Washer, filled with Gravity Filler and Sealed with a Capper. It is suitable for Small Unit having Cap-Up to 5000 Bottles / Day.

Labeling & Packing Unit

PVC Label are fixed on Bottles with the help of Heating Tunnel. Bottle with labels are passed thro’ heating tunnel with the help of Conveyor. On the exit end of conveyor an On-Line printer is attached, to print MRP, Date of Manufacturer etc. on the neck of Bottle or on label.

Bottles are packed in Cartons and Cartons are Sealed with BOPP Tape / Cello Tape for onward transportation to the market. Cartons can also be marked with stencils to indicate Date of Mfg. and size of Bottles etc.

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