Homogenizer for Sauces

  • Homogenizer for Sauces

Gee Gee Foods & Packaging Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer & renowned leader in manufacturing indigenous homogenizers for sauces in India. Homogenizers for sauces are mixers and are emulsifiers when made use of with specific compounds. Obviously, not all mixers are homogenizers. The terms mixers and also blenders are occasionally made use of mutually; according to some definitions, however, blenders have sharper blades and operate at greater speeds than mixers. We have exporter & supplier our 1500 homogenizers ranging from 20 LPH to 20,000 LPH for different applications specifically Sauces, Ice-cream, Flavors & Food industries in India & around the world to Australia, Switzerland, France, UAE, Oman, Iran, Tanzania, Nigeria, Algeria, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tashkent, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

Homogenization for sauces requires the ingredients to be processed up until a uniform globule or particle size. For the majority of items, including of creams, ointments, sauces, seasoning emulsions and pharmaceutical suspensions, this requires a globule or droplet size in the variety of 2 – 5 microns. During the process of homogenization, the high shear mixer is immersed in the products. The high speed rotation of the blades produces suction that attracts the strong and liquid portions of the mix into the work head, where the blades are.

Ways Homogenization Improves Sauces Quality

Less Sedimentation & Separation – Raw materials are broken down right into smaller sized bits. The benefit from that is less sedimentation as well as separation.

Greater Viscosity – Some fruits and vegetables – like oranges and also tomatoes – consist of the natural stabilizer pectin. The process causes plant cells to rupture as well as release the pectin right into the juice, increasing viscosity as well as stability.

Improved Taste – Reducing the size of bits obtains a much better taste and texture. Numerous flavors are contained in the plant cells, meaning that they, too, can be released and made valuable – this is especially true in vegetable juices.

Improved Color – Color is a visual perception of bouncing light. Smaller sized bits from the process scatter light differently than larger ones, developing much deeper shade of the final product.

Features of Homogenizer for Sauces:

  • Pollution-free to materials.
  • Good and secure emulsions as well as shear performance.
  • Lower power consumption per cycle.
  • All wetted components are quality 304 or 316 stainless-steel.
  • Quick opening up for easy cleaning.
  • Mechanical seal for hygienic operation.
  • Self-pumping.

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