Meat Mincer Machine

  • Meat Mincer Machine

Meat Mincer Machine

Kitchen area appliances like a meat mill is an asset to a kitchen as it quickens the cooking procedure as well as aids you obtain newly ground or minced meat fast. These mills are extremely simple to use and dice your meat well in a consistent fashion. Consequently, you will certainly not locate lumps of meat in the mince. The fine mincing quality of the mills makes it a worthy buy for your kitchen. We need minced meat for different preparation, filling, Momos etc. and we require to mince the meat in different sizes of shreds. Many preparation like Kababs, Salam, Sausages need different sizes of minced meat (Keema). To prepare this we have Meat Mincer.

The meat mincer machine is fully made of stainless steel construction. It works on the principal of Screw type Juice Extractor. Mutton / Chicken without bones is forced in to the machine and moved by screw which runs with ½ HP single phase motor. On the front side a cutter is provided to shred the meat chicken, then to force the same thro different size of holes to get minced meat / Keema for different purposes.

Meat Mincer Machine Manufacturers

The meat mincer machine is installed in one corner of retail shop and it takes hardly few minutes to have 1 Kg. of minced meat.

For big industry, we have different sizes of meat mincers equipped with motor power of 0.5 HP to 5 HP and holes of front plate thro’ which minced meat comes out varies from 0.8 mm to 3 mm.

For giving better look to the packaging of minced meat it is filled with a piston filler in 1″ to 1 ½” dia plastic tube and sealed with automatic clipping and twisting machine.

After sealing these tubes with a fixed weight of 250, 500 gm & 1000 gm. are stored in deep freezer. The tubes filled with minced meat are easy to store, takes less space, no leakage, no spilling and can be again sealed if part of the total is taken out for use. To give better look plastic tubes are printed in different colors and details about contents, MRP, Date of expiry are also printed.

Meat Mincer Machine in India

Meat mincer is one of the basic and necessary machine for retail counters. Newly ground or minced meat is always a joy to prepare. However, after a chaotic day at work or after ending up daily duties, some locate it tough to head to the butcher to mince the meat or perhaps acquire packaged minced meat from the marketplace. Fret say goodbye to as you can now dice chicken, mutton, lamb as well as various other kinds of meat at the comfort of your own residence with meat mills and mincers. These home appliances are now available online at Gee Gee Foods.

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