PP Cap Sealing Machine

  • PP Cap Sealing Machine


When the requirement is to reuse the Cap after taking out the Contents in part pilfer proof Caps (PP Caps) are used. These Caps can be used to cover the bottle again after the contents are taken in part, but cannot be sealed with the same cap again. The machine is having a roller head and a pedestal. Cap is placed on the bottle and bottle is placed on the pedestal, height is adjusted as per size of bottle. By pressing the pedestal with foot the bottle is taken up to roller and by hand or machine, rollers are pressed and rotated to make spiral matching to the grooves on the neck of bottle. Caps cannot be removed without breaking the lower portion and only upper portion of the Cap is reused to only cover and not seal the bottle. Normal Cap sizes are 28 mm, 31.5 mm, 53 mm, 65 mm. Separate dies are provided to hold different Caps. The same machine can be used for Tin / Plastic Caps and for different size of Caps. For more efficiency hand operation is replaced by ½ HP Motor of Standard make.

The Machine is suitable for capping on any Glass or Pet Bottles. In Metal Caps this can do threading and capping in one operation whereas in pet bottles only screw capping is done. Any size of bottle can be adjusted on the machine. Cap Size from 20 mm to 60 mm can be fitted by changing the dies.
Machine can be operated manually, but for larger production, motorized version is used.



A) Heavy Duty Motorized
B) Medium Duty Pedestal Model Hand Operated
C) Light Duty Table Model

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