Steam Jacketed Kettle

  • Steam Jacketed Kettle

team Jacketed Kettle

The primary machine of a food processing industry is also called cooking kettle. It has double jacket on app. 70 % portion thro’ which steam is passed. The kettle is connected to the boiler by steam line it has safety valve, pressure gauge and pet cock in the bottom to release condensed water or extra steam.

The Kettle is made of 10/12 SWG stainless Steel and is mounted on MS Stand. It is preferred to connect the same with boiler by insulated steam pipes. As the heating is with steam and no flame is in direct touch with material being heated, it ensures uniform heating from all sides and no burning of material is reported.

Temperature & Pressure of steam can be controlled as per requirement of the material being cooked. By simple revolving of steam cock, supply to kettle is stopped after the cooking is complete. It is very easy to clean the Kettle after use by hot / cold water. Normally Kettles supplied are tilting type so that food after cooking can be removed from kettle by tilting and pouring in to other vessels.



A) 100 Lit.
B) 225 Lit.
C) 450 Lit.

Special kettles with mixing and scrapping arrangement particularly for milk, Sweets etc. can be supplied on order.


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