Treadle Lid Embossing Machine

  • Treadle Lid Embossing Machine

Treadle Lid Embossing Machine

On every can we have to mark batch no., date of manufacturing and name of products. This can be done by 2 ways, one is by jet printing and other by embossing on the lid.
The most reliable method is embossing, although orthodox yet full proof and very cheap.
In this machine lids of cans before being put on cans are embossed by embossing press.
The press is manual and comes with a set of alphabets and numerals. It is foot operated and requires no power even an unskilled labor can operate it.
The text to be printed is broken in alphabets and numerals and these alphabets and numerals are placed in a specially made cavity in a desired sequence. The lid is placed on a plateform and when pedestal is pressed it makes an impression of the dies of alphabets placed in the cavity as below.

0 2 1 1 6

The above can be decoded as “Mahindra Foods” Pineapple Slice Date of Mfg. January 2, 2016.
The impression is permanent, cannot be erased, hence the question of cheating the public with respect to date of manufacturing etc. is totally, ruled out.
The product when stored can be easily segregated, if mixed accidently.
As the operation is totally separate than the regular production, can be carried out in any spare time or at the time, when there is no power, unskilled labor can be utilized and it ensured that right products at right time goes to market.
It is totally safe against any type of pilferage, only caution to be taken while embossing is that the lacquer on the lid is not damaged, which may create blackening of the products.


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