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Rosing Machine

Rosing Machine

In remote areas of Northeast a special quality of Lemon is produced, which has very hard skin and is longitudinal drum shape. Juice quantity is also not much, but fruit is available in abundance. Similarly due to not much production of passion fruit specialized machines are not available for extraction of juice.

Rosing Machine is suitable to extract juice out of lemon, Passion Fruit, Wild Orange and some berries having hard skin and less juice. The length of fruit is cut in to two pieces and fruit is pressed on the revolving roses, which with centrifugal pressure take out juice and the same is collected in containers for further processing.

Machines with 2 Roses and 4 Roses are available and each rose requires one worker to feed fruit for juice extraction.

The machine is most suitable for juice extraction from passion fruit and Lemon fruit and has utility mainly in cottage industry, small scale industry, and institution and food craft institutes.

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