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Screw Type Juice Extractor

Screw Type Juice Extractor Machine

The machine is suitable for extraction of juice from citrus fruits. Fruits are peeled and put in to specially built up hopper / mouth of the machine. Screwed shaft is rotated by hand / motor and while fruits pass thro’ the screw, pressure is automatically exerted on the fruit and juice is extracted.

The following types of Extractor are available.

1.       Manual                                 –        Suitable for road side vendors.
2.       Fitted with ¼ HP Motor          –        Suitable for small Juice Shops
3.       Fitted with ½ HP Motor          –        Suitable for Restaurants
4.       Fitted with 1 HP Motor           –        Suitable for Factories
5.       Automatic with 1 HP Motor    –        Suitable for Factories

In this machine Juice comes out from the front and refuse goes to bottom and it does not crush the seeds. It is a machine with very light weight, but efficient enough to do wonders. Different model with Aluminum Body, Stainless Steel Contact Parts and Stainless Steel Complete body are available.

Capacity Available
A. 2000 to 4000 Oranges / Hour, Motor 1 HP
B. 800 Oranges / Hour, Motor ½ HP
C. 400 Oranges / Hour, Motor ¼ HP
D. 100 Oranges / Hour, Hand Operated

Model 200 made of Stainless Steel and one sieve of stainless steel with 1 HP motor. Capacity approx 800 oranges per hour.

No. 100 : Made of pure aluminum and one sieve of stainless steel with self attached ½ HP Motor. Capacity approx 800 oranges per hour.

Hand operated aluminum body with stainless steel sieve small size.

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