Daily Maintenance And Repair of Food Machinery

Daily Maintenance And Repair of Food Machinery

Food industries need specialized equipment that makes the production process efficient and consistent. Similarly, food packaging machines also play an important role in food processing establishments. Food processing machines need daily maintenance to ensure smooth operation in the production line. Maintenance and food processing machine repairs are essential to increase productivity and to maintain the good quality of the final products. This guide will offer you insight into the complexity of maintenance and repair procedures for food machinery including food product packaging machines commonly found in the food industry.

Need of Regular Maintenance

  • Increased Performance
Daily maintenance and repair of food processing equipment instantly will help to prevent wear & tear. The maintenance is crucial to ensure that equipment works at the optimism efficiency, Which will eventually lead to an increase in production and higher output.
  • Lifespan Is Extended
Any equipment including food products manufacturing machines needs proper care. This will reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the overall lifespan of these machinery. The timely repair and maintenance will minimize the need for replacements which are a costly affair.
  • Proper Hygiene
Food processing equipment and food packaging machines must maintain proper hygiene. Cleaning of machinery should be done regularly to ensure that there is no dirt & impurities. The food industry deals with food and so hygiene is necessary to ensure that the final food items are produced according to health & safety regulations.

Some Guidelines That Should Be Conducted Regularly

Cleaning Procedures
  • Before starting with the cleaning, disconnect the equipment from the power source.
  • You should use good quality safe cleaning agents for cleaning each component of the food product manufacturing machines.
  • There should not be any dirt or food particles on conveyor belts or blades. The processing chambers must be thoroughly washed.
  • You should regularly sanitize the surfaces where the food is processed. 
Lubrication Of Equipment 
  • Before starting with the procedure, ensure the type and frequency of lubrication.
  • Top-quality food-grade lubricants should be used.
  • The lubricants should be carefully applied to the joints, gears, and bearings of the machines. This will help to reduce wear & tear.
Inspection Of Machine Components
  • The inspection of all components of the food product packaging machine
  • Should be visually conducted. Check for any signs of damage or corrosion. The loose bolts and screws should be tightened properly to avoid any mishaps. 
  • The conveyor belts should be checked properly. If there is any sign of wear & tear, the parts should be immediately replaced to maintain the proper tension.
  • Proper calibration tools should be used for adjusting the parts.

The Best Customer Service Provider

Gee, Gee Food Pvt Ltd has made a reputed name for itself in maintaining a commitment to offering its clients the best possible repair of food processing equipment. The after-sales support team of skilled professionals will ensure that the manufacturing machines continue to perform production efficiently. Just a phone call or a mail, the executives will visit the site for inspection & repair of food processing equipment. 

Maintenance Procedures For Some Common Bakery Equipment

Ovens & Baking Machineries A calibrated thermometer should be used for verification. The accuracy of temperature in ovens should be maintained to ensure evenly baking. The seals on oven doors should be checked.  Mixers & Blenders The motor and blades should be cleaned and inspected. The mixing bowls should be thoroughly washed to prevent accumulation of impurities. Slicers & Dicers Ensure that the blades have proper sharpened features for the precision cutting of the final products. The safety features should be checked thoroughly.  Refrigeration The condenser coils should be cleaned timely for efficient cooling of products. There should not be any leaks in the lines of refrigeration. 

The Food Processing Machine Repair

A maintenance log should be kept for cleaning, lubrication, & inspections. If there is any damage or issues during the cleaning procedures, prompt action should be taken. The employees and workers should be imparted proper training. They should know every component. They are the first people who can recognize the signs of corrosion or malfunction. They should be trained to conduct early troubleshooting. Their intervention at the management level will ensure that the major repair works can be conducted by qualified technicians.

Final Say

Timely maintenance and repair of food processing machines are the cornerstone to have efficient operation of food processing industries. Prioritizing repair & maintenance will promptly address the problems, to maintain the standards of safety and hygiene.

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