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Sugar Grinder

Most of the items in Bakery are Sweet and to make sweet product of good quality it is essential to use ground sugar as against crystal sugar. This machine adds value to sugar with minimum investment. On the shelf available ground sugar is double the price than of Crystal Sugar, hence this machine is a must for any small or large bakery.

The machine runs on the principal of Hammer type pulverising with facility to change mesh size as per requirement. Due to heat generated while grinding, sugar sticks to mesh and needs regular cleaning.

The machine is available in options of having MS Body / S.S Body and S/S hammers for grinding the sugar and is fitted with standard motor with belt drive.


10 Kg. / Hour
40 Kg. / Hour
100 Kg. / Hour

We also supply impulse type pulverizer to prepare Icing Sugar. Machine is manufactured on Specific orders and is available in capacity ranging from 50 Kg. / Hour to 300 Kg. / Hour.

Commercial Sugar Grinder

Bakery items mainly comprise sugar elements. To ensure the quality of the sweetness, it is necessary to include it in a refined form. Gone are the days where the crystalized sugars were blended through manual work. Bakery manufacturers nowadays require feasible and comparatively smarter options to grinder the bulk quantity of sugar. Accessing the already grounded sugar costs heavily in making cakes, pastries, biscuits, and other bakery items. It’s better to use Commercial Sugar Grinder that can easily powder anycrystal sugar.

Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. brings its most efficient Commercial Sugar Grinder machine to ease the sugar refining process of the bakery manufacturers. This equipment will be a valuable addition and needs minimum investment from the users. Whether the bakery is large or a small one, this grinder makes their work easy by availing them grounded sugar anytime. Also, its shelf life is more than crystal sugar that provides durability. Our reliable, easy-to-maintain, expertly crafted machinery is perfect for grinding sugars that run on the principle of Hammer type pulverizing and also provides the facility to change mesh size as per user requirements. Since the heat is generated while grinding, sugar sticks to the mesh. One needs to regularly clean the equipment to make it operational at all times.

Our sugar grinder machine comes in MS Body, S.S Body, and S/S hammers and is fitted with a standard motor with a belt drive. Along with this, it is available in three sugar grinding capacities of 10 Kg. / Hour, 40 Kg. / Hour, and 100 Kg. / Hour. The users can choose any of them depending upon their requirements.

Gee Gee foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. also supplies an impulse-type pulverizer to prepare Icing Sugar. We manufacture a high range of sugar grinding machines on specific orders for a capacity ranging from 50 Kg. / Hour to 300 Kg. / Hour. Take the smart approach to bakery manufacturing with our highly efficient commercial sugar grinding machine.

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